Vertical profile VP 50

The universal vertical upright 50 x 50 mm


Handy: the VP 50 vertical profile is easy to work (cut and drill) on site.

Double face: the VP 50 vertical profile can be used on both sides.

Adjustable fixing: using the front face of the vertical profile VP 50 (main slot), the FCN hammer head nut and SKS M 8 screw, it is possible to make an adjustable fixing.

Heavy fixing: using the rear face of the vertical profile VP 50 (blind side) and the rivets it is possible to create a fixing with high bearing capacity.

Peso in kg/m
Sezione trasversale profilo
VP-50 AL L= 6,6 ML Art.-Nr. 511164
1.58 [Kg/m]
6600 [mm]
5.85 [cm<sup>2</sup>]

Dati tecnici

EAN 4048962107074 
Peso in kg/m 1.58 [Kg/m]
Lunghezza l 6600 [mm]
Sezione trasversale profilo 5.85 [cm<sup>2</sup>]
Momento d'inerzia ly 17.92 [cm<sup>4</sup>]
Momento d'inerzia lz 20.24 [cm<sup>4</sup>]
Modulo di resistenza Wy 6.86 [cm<sup>3</sup>]
Modulo di resistenza Wz 8.09 [cm<sup>3</sup>]