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As fire prevention is a crucial consideration for those who are responsible for the design, specification, and construction of new and refurbished buildings, fischer has developed a range of passive fire protection products which will help to influence the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses and greatly increase life safety of occupants and protection of property.

Fischer FireStop is a result of many years of construction experience and the outcome of listening to feedback from the circles of customers and partners. The entire assortment offers a comprehensive profile with all products tested to both European and International standards, with many achieving ETA (European Technical Approval) as well and UL (Underwriters Laboratory) accreditation. The complete range offers systems for linear gap sealing, cavity barriers, membrane penetrations and service penetrations, with many more time saving and bespoke solutions.

. You can take advantage of the many years of experience in passive fire protection by utilising the knowledge from one of Fixing Solution’s FireStop specialists; whoare available for training, demonstrations and consultancy throughout the complete design stage.

Extended product range of fischer is an exciting new opportunity for Fixing Solutions which will allow us to offer our customers a complete package solution when it comes to construction.

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