LW 50 corner plate holder

Corner fixing of sheets with FZP retractable dowel


Angular bracket for anchoring the turn-up slabs to be pre-assembled on the ground

Maximum safety with the particular geometric expansion of the FZP undercut anchor.

It does not create any tension inside the slab allowing the application on materials of different consistencies.

The expansion and bending of the natural stone slab due to the influence of temperature is not prevented

The positions of the anchors on the surface of the slab optimize the static behavior of the slab

Aesthetic improvement of the facade thanks to the rear application of the plug on the slab is completely invisible.

The angle allows laying with open and beveled joints,

The soffit slabs and the supporting slabs can have different lengths, because the position of the corner can be freely chosen.

Kit LW 50 M6 (25 PZ.) Art.-Nr. 535742
Kit LW 50 M8 (25 PZ.) Art.-Nr. 535019